Monday, June 20, 2011

Jokes on me I guess

This mission was doomed from the start for me.  Yesterday we spent all day at the camp doing touchy feelings crap, which for the record there is noting that I hate more at work.  Picture this if you will, a group of men with a few women thrown in the mix sitting around talking about their feelings about work....can I pass on this one?  Thanks!!

As I sit here writing this there is a conversation going on behind my tent about sex, edible underwear and food.....WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!  I did inform the guys that no, edible underwear is not a food and therefore will not count as a meal, despite the flavor of it.

So in 1st formation today we found out that our mission has changed and we are to stand tight and wait for further, in English that means we have nothing to do in this African dessert.....

So here I am stuck a million miles away from home living in a tent, eating MRE's three times a day and haven't had a shower or real bathroom in well over a week.  

All I want to do is work, what I joined the Army to do instead, we are tasked with cleaning our tents (we all have our own tent) and more team building.....ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!!!

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